Well Soul Podcast

Ep. 75 | Who Do You Say Jesus Is? | Story of the Gospel

January 29, 2024 Seana Scott Season 6 Episode 30
Well Soul Podcast
Ep. 75 | Who Do You Say Jesus Is? | Story of the Gospel
Show Notes

Join us as we meditate on the words spoken about Jesus in the Gospels. From demons to disciples, their declarations reveal the true identity of our Savior.


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 Episode Synopsis

Welcome to another episode of The WellSoul Podcast! In this episode, we delve into the different perspectives of Jesus as revealed by those who witnessed his ministry: a demon, a prophet, a disciple, and the religious.

We begin by reflecting on what a demon said about Jesus in Mark 1:23-24. The possessed man in the synagogue cried out, acknowledging Jesus as the Holy One of God. This encounter reveals the power and authority that Jesus possessed, even over demonic forces.

Next, we examine the perspective of the religious rulers in Matthew 9:32-34. After witnessing Jesus casting out a demon from a man who was unable to speak, the crowds were amazed. However, the Pharisees attributed Jesus' actions to the ruler of demons, refusing to acknowledge his true identity.

Moving on, we explore what John the Baptist proclaimed about Jesus in John 1:29-34. John recognized Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He bore witness to the Spirit descending upon Jesus and affirmed him as the Son of God.

Lastly, we consider Simon Peter's declaration in Matthew 16:13-16. When Jesus asked his disciples who people said he was, Peter boldly proclaimed him as the Christ, the Son of the living God. Peter's confession demonstrates the disciples' growing understanding of Jesus' true identity.

Throughout these passages, we observe that the demons, John the Baptist, and Peter all recognized and declared Jesus' true nature. However, the religious rulers remained closed off to the truth, attributing Jesus' actions to demonic influence.

As we reflect on these different perspectives, we are prompted to ask ourselves: Are we closed off to the truth of Jesus? Who do we say Jesus is? Our answer to this question has a profound impact on our lives and our relationship with God.

In closing, we offer a prayer of worship and gratitude to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, acknowledging God's goodness in revealing Jesus to us. We invite listeners to download a free resource on how to have a devotional time, available in the show notes.

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We dedicate this episode to the memory of our late friend, Brian Vasquez, whose support made this podcast possible. May God bless you, and may you continue to seek and know Jesus for who he truly is.


00:00:00 - Introduction and Call to Support
00:02:23 - Meditating on What a Demon Said about Jesus
00:03:10 - Meditating on What the Religious Rulers Said about Jesus
00:04:21 - Meditating on What John the Baptist Said about Jesus
00:05:48 - Meditating on What Simon Peter Said about Jesus
00:07:46 - Reflection on the Different Perspectives of Jesus
00:08:10 - Questioning Our Openness to the Truth of Jesus
00:09:40 - Prayer to Worship a